Four Great Ways to Experience Lions Roar

Leadership Intensive

Build Strong Men and Families

Three invigorating days that will set you “on mission!” This track will equip you for success in every area of life. Grow your ministry to men, achieve results in your community, build your personal influence. Gain the wealth of wisdom from some of the greatest men and leaders on the planet. Leave the ordinary behind - move into the level of life God intended for you. Make the move - register now.

Women’s Ministry

One Heart

Powerful and liberating! Join Dianne Wilson, Nancy Houston, Judi Cole and more at Thursday’s fabulous Women’s Brunch and getaway —a full day of ministry especially for women. PLUS join the men for two amazing evening sessions and register for the Friday night Global Fatherhood Gala. Don’t leave anyone at home — register her now!

Pastors Roundtable

Increase Volunteers, Finances and Community Influence

Last year, pastors were deeply impacted by the vulnerability and equipping of the Pastors Roundtables. Receive impartation and wisdom from legendary pastors Leon Fontaine, Casey Treat, Dale O’Shields, and more. Urban warrior-pastors Michael Phillips, Mark Strong and Dwayne Pickett. Revolutionary leaders like Michael Murphy, Walt Landers and David Bendett. Nation-shapers Robert Barriger, Alex Mitala and Eddy Leo. Two extraordinary days of ministry and Q&A. See your ministry differently — register now!

Business Success Summit

Build to the Next Level! Get Motivated!

From Peter Lowe to John Binkley to Dennis Peacocke and more, these sessions will enlarge your worldview and elevate the course of your career. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Christ-centered business leaders whose aggregate accomplishments include building some of the world's most significant companies. Discover the practical biblical foundations to building a successful Christ-centered, God-favored business that outlasts you! Grow it! Register now!

Lions Roar 2016

November 9-11, 2016

Day 1 Wednesday, November 9    
11:00 Registration begins - Gateway Church, Grand Prairie Campus    
1:00 Plenary One - Prayer/Keynote    
2:30 Break    
3:00 Plenary Two    
4:30 Break    
7:00 Plenary Three    
9:00 Reception (on site with the 3-meal-deal)    
Day 2 Thursday, November 10    
8:30 Focused Breakouts:
Leadership Intensive
Business Success Summit
Pastors Roundtable
9:30 One Heart : Women’s Ministry
Pre-Party 9:30
10 am – 3pm
10:00 Break    
10:30 Plenary Four    
12:00 Lunch - (on site with the 3-meal-deal)    
1:00 Plenary Five    
2:00 Break    
3:00 Focused Breakouts:
Leadership Intensive
Business Success Summit
Pastors Roundtable
4:30 Break    
7:00 Plenary Six    
9:00 Special Group Meetings    
Day 3 Friday, November 11    
8:30 Focused Breakouts:
Leadership Intensive
Business Success Summit
Pastors Roundtable
10:00 Break    
11:00 Plenary Seven    
1:00 Lunch - (on site with the 3-meal-deal)
Strategy Meetings
Conference Close
6:00 VIP Reception
Gala Registration
7:00 First Annual Global Fatherhood Gala    
9:30 Close    

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