Dale Bronner
Word of Faith Family Cathedral

Atlanta, GA

Casey Treat
Christian Faith Center

Seattle, WA

Paul Andrew
Liberty Church

New York City, NY

Leon Fontaine
Springs Church/Miracle Channel

Winnepeg, Canada

Peter Lowe
Total Business Success

Vancouver, Canada

Michael Murphy
Leaderscape Ministries

Sydney, Australia

Dwayne Pickett, Sr
New Jerusalem Church

Jackson, MS

Jim Garlow
Skyline Wesleyan Church

San Diego, CA

Michael Phillips
The Kingdom Life Church

Baltimore, MD

Tom Lane
Gateway Church

Southlake, TX

Dale O’Shields
Church of the Redeemer

Gaithersburg, MD

Robert Barriger
Camino De Vida

Lima, Peru

Taylor Barriger
Camino De Vida

Lima, Peru

Brian Fisher
Human Coalition

Frisco, TX

Doug Stringer
Somebody Cares Intl.

Houston, TX

Paul Louis Cole
Christian Men’s Network

Dallas, TX

Brandon Cole

Grapevine, TX

Dennis Peacocke
Go Strategic

Santa Rosa, CA

Mark Strong
Life Change Church

Portland, OR

John Binkley
Generational Equity

Dallas, TX

Bruce Binkley
Excel Personnel

Dallas, TX

Joel Brooks
Stones Church

Kalamazoo, MI

Ted DiBiase
Million Dollar Man


Tony Rorie
Men of Honor

Dallas, TX

Robert Kalatschan
Giving It Back To Kids

Huntington Beach, CA

Walt Landers
TLC Church and Academy

San Angelo, TX

Ed Preston
Biscuits Café

Portland, OR

Glenn Bollinger
Alliance Sports Group

Dallas, TX

Keith Holden
Affinity Networks

Janesville, WI

David Bendett
Rock City Church

Corpus Christi, TX

Nancy Houston
Christian Life Coach

Dallas, TX

Dianne Wilson
Newport Church

Newport Beach, CA

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Global Fatherhood Awards and Gala

Every child deserves a loving dad.

Honoring the everyday heroes of our world. Fathers. Raising up a standard for fatherhood, examples for the next generation. Celebrating fathers who love, protect and affirm.

The Global Fatherhood Initiative of Christian Men’s Network is a human justice mission focused on defeating fatherlessness and ending child abuse. This Gala shines a light on the greatest issue in our world today - and brings momentum to the global fight to build great dads.

Jacket, tie appropriate. Special tickets when purchased with Lions Roar registration.

Global Fatherhood Initiative

Every child deserves a loving dad.

GFI is a human justice movement for the most vulnerable – the world’s children. Standing up for those most affected by fatherlessness and child abuse. We believe that every life is uniquely made in the image of God from the moment of conception - and there are no 'disposable' children. We will raise up one-hundred million Godly fathers globally for the protection and empowerment of the next generation, creating a better future for the world.

Measurable – Reproducible – Sustainable

A committed core value for GFI is this standard for project viability:

Measurable: Does it really work and provide measurable results?

Reproducible: Can it be replicated locally and grow without constant direct intervention?

Sustainable: Will it have deep impact and become a part of the cultural fabric?

Men's Health

This Men's Health will be activated at Lions Roar for the churches that attend. Enact the solution and you’ll see an increase of 20%.

Increased Salvations: In small groups or classes, men engage the Gospel, men come to Christ. Life-changing moments happen when men minister to men.

Increased Growth: Disciples make disciples. Fully committed and engaged men bring friends and coworkers to church. And, they bring their entire families.

Increased Workers: Understanding the mission, men are willing to work for the cause of Christ. Discipled men will get their hands dirty. They want to be equipped and also empowered and put to work.

Increased Giving: Understanding their purpose, men freely invest in the church. Increase comes as men become identified. Identification leads to involvement, then investment, then increase.

Increased Influence: Influence comes from helping men solve problems. Discipling men solves cultural issues—the pastor gains positive influence within the community.

Increased Personal Time: Trained and empowered men do the work of the ministry. The result is increased time for the pastor to study, pray, minister, teach—and disciple.

CMN is a global missionary outreach to men active today in 116 nations. Over 20 million men have been impacted by the ministry of CMN, recognized as a premiere producer of curriculum, events and tools for discipling men. The CMN goal is that every leader would successfully disciple men, and every Christian man become a strong disciple.

90% of all funding and work to build churches globally comes from one group: MEN.

The #1 factor for children attending church as adults is the father’s church attendance when they are a child.

If a father does not attend church, no matter how faithful the mom is, only one child in 50 will become a regular worshipper.


If a father does attend, 44% of children will attend regularly.


  • Male churchgoers are more likely to be married with a higher level of life satisfaction
  • Church involvement is the greatest predictor of marital stability and happiness
  • ‘Fatherlessness’ produces:
    • Increased poverty
    • Depression, suicidal tendencies
    • Issues with drug abuse, alcoholism, low self-esteem
    • Marital instability, toxic parenting
    • A legacy of pain and poverty

Rescue a man, save a child.

Commissioned Men

Majoring In Men® works with and supports the local church. Christian Men’s Network carries out its God-given mandate to reach men around the world by entrusting the message of Christlike manhood to faithful men who are commissioned to teach other men.

Commissioning men is conducted under the auspices of the local church. All commissioned men are expected to continue to reach men with the message of Christlike Manhood.

Commissioning signifies that a man has paid the price of training and sacrifice by completing the required Majoring In Men® curriculum, achieving the standards of a faithful man, and has been approved by his family and pastor to receive this highest honor.

Commissioned men become the backbone of a healthy and thriving church. When men have completed nine books and the qualifications for commissioning they are commissioned by the pastor as “ministers to the men of the world.” Swords are awarded as the emblem of commissioning.